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GBNetwork Cloud Hosting

Secure OpenStack Based Solutions for Enterprise & Developers.

Top Reliable & High performance OpenStack Cloud platform to help you grow and maximize your business.
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Powered by reliable and high performance OpenStack Cloud Platform.

By purchasing our enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, you will get a completely scalable server overall performance on a digital computing device to assist you grow and scale your business rapidly and easily.

Our Cloud Hosting is designed to make sure that the cloud computing experience is in high gear. It is secure, scalable and flexible, allowing you the freedom to configure the cloud surroundings to suit your need.

Why do you need

Cloud Hosting?

gbcloud scalability


Basic hosting plans include a set amount of resources in terms of CPU, RAM, Storage and Bandwidth. Our GB Cloud platform can use to scale up or scale down your resources in a seconds within your needs to accommodate heavy load or rapid growth.

High Availability

Because all of our sites and applications are hosted on a network of servers, there is no need to be concerned about our infrastructure going down. In a network storage appliance with multiple redundant servers, this innovation provides a mechanism to ensure zero downtime in the case of a server failure.
gbcloud high availability
gbncloud pay per use


Our GB Cloud uses a Pay-Per-Use system that offers customers complete control over how much they utilize. Customers can easily add credit to their accounts and create instances in a split second. However, product purchases are only allowed after your credit has been added.

Cloud Plan Pricing

Fully virtualized SSD, NVM, HDD and Cluster server instances at competitive prices complement the performance.

gbcloud ssd

Most efficient and cost-effective choice for most use applications.

512 MB1 Core15 GB1 TBRM0.03 RM18.00 Sign Up
1 GB1 Core25 GB1 TBRM0.04 RM27.00 Sign Up
2 GB1 Core50 GB2 TBRM0.08 RM54.00 Sign Up
2 GB2 Cores60 GB3 TBRM0.12 RM81.00 Sign Up
4 GB2 Cores80 GB4 TBRM0.16 RM108.00 Sign Up
8 GB4 Cores160 GB5 TBRM0.32 RM216.00 Sign Up
16 GB6 Cores320 GB6 TBRM0.60 RM400.50 Sign Up
32 GB6 Cores640 GB7 TBRM1.09 RM724.50 Sign Up
48 GB12 Cores960 GB9 TBRM1.63 RM1,084.50 Sign Up
gbcloud nvme

Highest performance and lower power consumption.

512 MB1 Core15 GB1 TBRM0.03 RM22.50 Sign Up
1 GB1 Core25 GB1 TBRM0.05 RM31.50 Sign Up
2 GB1 Core50 GB2 TBRM0.10 RM67.50 Sign Up
2 GB2 Cores60 GB3 TBRM0.13 RM85.50 Sign Up
4 GB2 Cores80 GB4 TBRM0.18 RM117.00 Sign Up
8 GB4 Cores160 GB5 TBRM0.34 RM225.00 Sign Up
16 GB6 Cores320 GB6 TBRM0.68 RM450.00 Sign Up
32 GB6 Cores640 GB7 TBRM1.30 RM868.50 Sign Up
48 GB12 Cores960 GB9 TBRM1.95 RM1,300.50 Sign Up
gbcloud hdd

Most affordable cloud storage for large data sets.

512 MB1 Core25 GB1 TBRM0.03 RM18.00 Sign Up
1 GB1 Core50 GB1 TBRM0.04 RM27.00 Sign Up
2 GB1 Core100 GB2 TBRM0.08 RM54.00 Sign Up
2 GB2 Cores150 GB3 TBRM0.12 RM81.00 Sign Up
4 GB2 Cores200 GB4 TBRM0.16 RM108.00 Sign Up
8 GB4 Cores400 GB5 TBRM0.32 RM216.00 Sign Up
16 GB4 Cores600 GB6 TBRM0.60 RM400.50 Sign Up
32 GB6 Cores1000 GB7 TBRM1.09 RM724.50 Sign Up
gbcloud cluster

Deliver instances with high availability & flexible cluster storage

512 MB1 Core1 TBRM0.02025RM13.50Sign Up
1 GB1 Core1 TBRM0.03375RM22.50Sign Up
2 GB1 Core2 TBRM0.06750RM45.00Sign Up
2 GB2 Cores3 TBRM0.09450RM63.00Sign Up
4 GB2 Cores4 TBRM0.11475RM76.50Sign Up
8 GB4 Cores5 TBRM0.21600RM144.00Sign Up
16 GB6 Cores6 TBRM0.43875RM292.50Sign Up
32 GB6 Cores7 TBRM0.91800RM612.00Sign Up
48 GB12 Cores9 TBRM1.38375RM922.50Sign Up
64 GB16 Cores10 TBRM1.83600RM1,224.00Sign Up

*For more information about Cloud Plans, other services, and Add-ons are through here: GB Cloud – Cloud Plans

*For more GB Network Solutions Server products and services, visit here: Servers

GB Cloud Features

Excellent performance and features! Our OpenStack public cloud is ideal for a variety of applications. Allow us to meet your project’s requirements!

gbcloud wordpress

WordPress Simplified

One-click installer too intialize and configure WordPress from start to finished. One dashboard to mass-manage multiple WordPress instances.

high performance

High & Consistent Performance

All cloud servers are installed on enterprise hardware. Together with our proprietary storage.

automate cloud

Automate Your Cloud

Our easy-to-use control panel and API make it easier to code and manage your infrastructure.

server monitoring

Constant Server Monitoring

With our proactive notifications, you can sleep soundly. Thanks to resource monitoring.

flexible scaling

Fast & Flexible Scaling

Deploy Simple Plan or independently configure each resource, including CPU , RAM, Storage and IP addresses.

powerful API

Simple but Powerful API

Manage Cloud Hosting with our fully-functioning APIs which allow you to create.

server backup

Smart Backup Security & Firewall

Use our highly configurable firewall to secure your environment, allowing or blocking traffic.

smart backup

Data Loss Smart Backups

Make smart, incremental backups, whereby only the new and edited files are added to your backup.


Managed Infrastructure

If you prefer to do the labor yourself, we'll help you get set up and be there whenever you need us.

Why choose

GB Cloud Hosting?

Take advantage of a straightforward interface that grants access to all tools on a web-based console.

  • User-Friendly and Manageable
    Navigation is seamless through our fuss-free console, which provides an extensive list of OpenStack services readily available in one place.
gbcloud interface

You can centrally manage core services including Intranet, Email and applications, making them accessible to people in different locations in a networked environment.

  • Adaptability in Modification
    User able to customize and choose any preferences and resources that match your personal choices.
gbcloud infrastructure

Our Cloud Plans are being charge based on Pay-Per-Use basis, which is by hourly, monthly cost estimation.

  • Flexible Billing Payment
    We offer a flexible Billing Payment that user can access without any hassle.
gbcloud pricing

With our Cloud Plans, users can modify the resources of your server in just one minute based on increasing business requirements such as RAM, storage, and CPU.

  • Fast Upgrade
    Easily select your preferred resources in our system in just a few minutes and fast to upgrade.
gbcloud expendable

GB Cloud FAQs

1. What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a service that you can scale your instance capacity in Cloud-based on your needs. We use OpenStack as our cloud platform.

2. Do you provide a custom plan?

Yes, you can contact and discuss with us. You may send email to [email protected]

3. What is the differences Between VPS and Cloud Hosting?

The scale of the two server environments differ. Cloud Hosting can be the ideal choice for sites with fluctuating traffic levels or sites that are rapidly scaling. Also from resource consumption to pricing, Cloud Hosting provides you with a lot of server power and complete flexibility.

4. Where is the server location?

Our server located in Tier 3 certified data centers in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Our Datacenter has all safety and protections from operation, security and maintenance. The Management and Security Teams will be operated for 24/7.

5. How does the billing works?

All our services are pre-paid. Customer have to add credit, minimum $10, before can create an instances. Customer will be charged by the hour for each instances.

6. What payment method do you accept?

GB Cloud accepts CHIP, PayPal, Debit Card (Visa/Master), Bitcoin and Manual Bank Transfer. All payments are private and secured by SSL. Customer’s detail regarding credit card or debit card will not be recorded.

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