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Dedicated Server Add-Ons

Dedicated Server Add-Ons

Boost your organization with our advance Dedicated Server hosting for ultimate performance and security upgrades.
  • 100Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth
  • 2 IPv4 IP Addresses
  • IPKVM Server Management
  • 24/7 Technical Support
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Dedicated Server Addons Dedicated Server Management

Managed Dedicated Server

We are the experts in providing top-gear dedicated hosting for high-end workloads in Malaysia. We operate out of state-of -the-art datacenters located directly at Internet Exchange (IX) to get you the fastest possible data throughout and ping times. Get the fully managed experience on our Managed Dedicated Servers Malaysia with direct support from our system engineer.

Dedicated Server Add-Ons

Linux ServerWindows Server
Operating System
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard²-RM105/Month
Windows Server 2016 R2 Standard²-RM105/Month
Windows Server 2012 Datacenter²-RM105/Month
Windows Server 2016 Datacenter²-RM105/Month
Windows Terminal Server²-RM30/Month
Control Panel
cPanel Premier (100 accounts)RM264.99/month-
Plesk Web Admin (10 Domains)RM89/monthRM89/month
Plesk Web Pro (30 Domains)RM130/monthRM130/month
Plesk Web Host (Unlimited Domains)RM379/monthRM379/month
Softaculous Auto Installer (requires cPanel)RM240/month-
R1Soft Full Managed Off Server Backup Solution
250GB Storage + 1 AgentRM75/monthRM75/month
500GB Storage + 1 AgentRM149/monthRM149/month
1TB Storage + 1 AgentRM299/monthRM299/month
2TB Storage + 1 AgentRM499/monthRM499/month
Management Plan
Lite ManagementFREEFREE
Upgrade to Plus ManagementRM150/MonthRM150/Month
Upgrade to Premium ManagementRM350/MonthRM350/Month
SQL Server
MS SQL Database -FREE
MS SQL 2012 Web³ -RM850/month per 2 cores
MS SQL 2012 Standard³-RM1200/month per 2 cores
Anti-Virus Software
Imunify360 Protection DefenseRM30/month-
Panda Adaptive Defense 360-RM20/month
DDoS Protection
R1Soft Daily Off Server BackupFREEFREE
Business Class Email Service
SmartMail Professional 250 Mailboxes-RM67.50/month
SmartMail Professional 500 Mailboxes-RM135/month
SmartMail Professional 1000 Mailboxes-RM180/month
SmartMail Professional 2000 Mailboxes-RM225/month
SmartMail Professional Unlimited Mailboxes-RM270/month
SmartMail Enterprise 250 Mailboxes-RM180/month
SmartMail Enterprise 500 Mailboxes-RM225/month
SmartMail Enterprise 1000 Mailboxes-RM270/month
SmartMail Enterprise 2000 Mailboxes-RM337.50/month
SmartMail Enterprise Unlimited Mailboxes-RM450/month
Cyren Anti-Spam 250 Mailboxes-RM90/month
Cyren Anti-Spam 500 Mailboxes-RM135/month
Cyren Anti-Spam 1000 Mailboxes-RM180/month
Cyren Anti-Spam 2000 Mailboxes-RM225/month
Cyren Anti-Spam Unlimited Mailboxes-RM270/month
Exchange ActiveSync 25 Mailboxes-RM67.50/month
Exchange ActiveSync 50 Mailboxes-RM135/month
Exchange ActiveSync 100 Mailboxes-RM180/month
Exchange ActiveSync 200 Mailboxes-RM315/month
Exchange ActiveSync 300 Mailboxes-RM450/month
Exchange ActiveSync 400 Mailboxes-RM585/month
Exchange ActiveSync 500 Mailboxes-RM720/month
Exchange ActiveSync 600 Mailboxes-RM855/month
Exchange ActiveSync 700 Mailboxes-RM990/month
Exchange ActiveSync 800 Mailboxes-RM1,125/month
Exchange ActiveSync 900 Mailboxes-RM1,260/month
Exchange ActiveSync 1000 Mailboxes-RM1,395/month
Business Class Email Service
Additional 1 x IP AddressRM10/monthRM10/month
Technical expertise services (business hour)RM200/taskRM200/task
Technical expertise services ( after business hour)RM300/taskRM300/task
Hosting Migration⁴RM400/taskRM400/task
OS Re-installationRM300/installationRM300/installation

Dedicated Server Plans

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Product Disclaimers

OS Hardening service and Mod_security apply to CentOS Linux with cPanel only.
Free support for installation, patching, and version updating to third party applications is not provided.

OS installation, custom component installation and server tuning are performed only one time during initial setup.

Data migration is performed only one time upon request.
cPanel and LAMP services support apply to CentOS Linux with cPanel only. cPanel initial setup, cPanel hardening, LAMP installation and tuning are performed only one time during initial setup.

R1Soft Backup offers daily backup from 14 days to 60 days retention, depends on subscription plan you choose. Restoration of an effective backup depends on available up to date copies of the data being help on R1Soft Backup server.

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