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GB Network Solutions Programs

GB Network Solutions Program: Empowering earnings with our integrated Affiliate and Reseller programs. Join the Affiliate Program and earn 10% commissions bonus through referrals.

Also, try out our Reseller Program by building your brand with wholesale solutions. Unleash your potential for success today!

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Affiliate Program

Affiliate with friends and colleagues, earn 10% commission bonus.

  • ZERO membership fee
  • FREE sign up and preset program
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*Commission claimed in MYR currency only.

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Reseller Program

Build your web hosting business with impressive plans and huge savings.

  • Provide Reseller training
  • Lowest budget to start
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GB Network Solutions Product and Services

Earn money online with a variety of great products and services.
domain name

Domain Name

Making a good first impression starts with Domain Name.

Wordpress hosting

Web Hosting

Hosting that’s optimal fast and packed with interesting features.

Email hosting

Email Hosting

Earn customer trust with customized professional email.



Whether it’s Dedicated or Virtual Private, we have your server choices secured.

Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 365

Build market advantage with modern business solutions.

data protection

Product Solutions

We offer multiple securities to enhance the website protection from malware and hacking.

GB Network Solutions Affiliate Program FAQs

What is GB Network Solutions Affiliate Program?

GB Network Solutions Affiliate Program is a comprehensive portal designed to generate passive income for its Affiliates and increase GB Network Solutions service reachability. Our Affiliate Program is FREE of charge. Simply sign-up and refer your audience to enjoy 10% Commission with every closed sales.

How does the Affiliate Program works?

As soon as your unique links are used for a purchase that remains active for a period of consecutive 30 days (post purchase), GB Network Solutions commits to adding the one time pre-set and calculated commission to your Affiliate account.

How do I join an Affiliate Program? and is there a cost to join?

To join our affiliate program, you typically need to Sign up through the GB Network’s website. After registration, you will receive a unique referral link and access to promotional materials, and other resources to start promoting our products or services.

GB Network Solutions Affiliate Program is completely FREE to join, with no need membership fee.

How are affiliates commission calculated?

GB Network Solutions will credit the commission to your account periodically. You may get in touch with your Account Manager to check your cash-out entitlement period.

Do I need website or blog to become an affiliate?

Having a website or blog can be beneficial, but it’s not always a strict requirement. Many affiliate programs accept social media influencers, content creators, and email marketers as affiliates. However, having a platform to promote products and generate traffic can improve your affiliate marketing success.

What currency can be claimed in this program?

The currency can be claimed in MYR (Malaysia Ringgit) only in GB Network Solutions Affiliate Program.

Can I do self-referral with this Affiliate Program?

Any self-referrals are not allowed. GB Network Solutions have the right to eliminate all self-referral commissions.

GB Network Solutions Reseller Program FAQs

What is Reseller Program? and how does it works?

Reseller Program is a business arrangement where a company (the parent company or vendor) allows individuals or other businesses (resellers) to sell its products or services as if they were their own. Resellers purchase the products or services at a discounted price and then resell them to their customers at a markup, keeping the profit.

In our Reseller Program, resellers Sign up with GB Network Solutions and gain access to our products or services at wholesale prices. Then you can set your own retail prices and promote and sell the products under your brand or business name. We will handle product delivery, customer support, and other backend operations.

Can I set my own prices as Reseller?

Yes, as a reseller, you have the flexibility to set your own retail prices for the products or services you offer. This allows you to determine your profit margin and competitive pricing in your target market.

What are the benefits of joining Reseller Program?

Benefits of joining our reseller program include:

  • Opportunity to start a business without creating products from scratch.
  • Access to a ready-made product catalog.
  • Marketing and sales support from our company.
  • Potential for high-profit margins.

Can I sell product or services under my own brand as reseller?

Yes, we allow you to white-label or private-label the products or services, meaning you can sell them under your brand name and logo.

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