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RunCloud VPS Features

Simplify your Web Application experience with our amazing and newly introduced RunCloud VPS Package.
  • Secured Management Panel
  • Limitless Server Deployment
  • Guaranteed Network Uptime of 99.99%
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support & Monitoring
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Runcloud VPS

Unleash Your Full Potentials with Our Powerful RunCloud VPS

Discover our new RunCloud VPS with faster, secure and modern web server panel that is focused on your web application. We offer the best way to manage and monitor your server from anywhere, at all times with a secure management panel that seamlessly configures your information and security. GB Network Solutions ensures the best enterprise hardware to manage your VPS with 99.99% uptime guarantee and 24/7 dedicated support and monitoring. See how it deployed in split-second and be amazed with our latest technology!

RunCloud VPS Features

DescriptionRC 1024RC 2048RC 4096RC 8192
Graph of data transferred out per web applicationDailyDailyDailyDaily
Reports server load, memory and hard disk usage for your servers.HourlyHourlyHourlyHourly
RunCache (WordPress caching system)
Server health check
Unlimited Web Applications
Multiple PHP Versions
Script Installer. Download popular PHP scripts and place them inside Web Applications with a single click.
Unlimited domain names per web application.
Database operations. Add, Delete, and Change passwords for each database.
Change auto-update settings
Offsite Web Application and Database Backup (Additional Change)
Summary of data transfer per Web Application for yesterday and current month.
Git Deployment (clone, change branch, webhook for automatic pull, custom deployment scripts)
SSL/TLS by Let’s Encrypt or a custom SSL/TLS provider (Verisign, Comodo, etc)
File Manager. Add, edit, Delete, Rename, Change file or folder permissions, plus a code editor.
Modify Nginx and PHP Settings. Tweak values depending on your Web Application needs.
Server Health check. Reports current server load, memory, and hard disk usage for your servers.
Server Health notification. Notifies you via email, Slack and/or Telegram when server health is in bad shape.
Manage Supervisord jobs.
Manage Cron jobs
Change PHP CLI version
Hook a server job to your Slack Channel/ Telegram
View a server job log
Manage service (start, stop, reload) for NGiNX, HTTPD, MariaDB, Supervisord, Beanstalkd, Redis, and Memcached
Manage firewall. Open or close ports globally or for certain IP Addresses
Manage SSH public key for your server.
Manage multiple server users
Change password for users
runcloud vps features

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