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Business Web Hosting Features

Start your business right by sharing resources with others while still getting the space and speed that you need for your business site.
  • Up to 300GB SSD Enterprise Storage
  • CloudLinux Operating System
  • Auto Installer for Various Applications
  • Powered by LiteSpeed Web Server &
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The Best Business Web Hosting Malaysia Solutions

GB Network Solutions offers top-tier business web hosting services in Malaysia, combining exceptional performance, security, and reliability at affordable rates. Our rapid servers are strategically situated in a prominent Malaysian data center, ensuring swift and secure access. Plus, with our web hosting plans, you enjoy a robust 99.99% uptime guarantee. Choose us as your ideal business web hosting partner today!

Business Web Hosting Features

Plan Details
SSD Storage / NVMe Storage ?
Amount of web resources for your hosting accounts. e.g web, pages, images, videos, scripts, databases files
CPU Cores ?
Enable computers to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, improving overall performance.
1 vCPU2 vCPU3 vCPU4 vCPU
Data Transfer ?
Amount of data that is transferred to your website and from your website within a month.
Subdomain ?
Third-level domains that is paart of a domain. e.g
Parked Domain ?
Alternate name for your domain.
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Memory (RAM)
Inodes ?
An entry in inode table, containing information about a regular file and directory.
IO (SSD)2MB/s3MB/s5MB/s10MB/s
IO (NVMe)20MB/s30MB/s50MB/s100MB/s
Country Domains ?
Domain range that included all country's extensions. e.g .cn .ae .uk
International Domains ?
Domain names represented by native language characters, depending on the requirements of the domain registrar.
Access with or without “www”
Email Hosting Features
IMAP Support, SMTP Server ?
Email protocols in order to provide smooth information transmission.
Webmail ?
A standard web-based email program.
Catch-All Email ?
Prevent all of emails due to misspelling of email name.
Mailing Lists ?
List of people who subscribe to a periodic mailing distribution on your website.
Email Grey Listing ?
Only the email addresses that you approve are allow to send email to you
Email Forwarders, Aliases, Auto-Responders, Email filters, Spam Assassin & Email Virus Scanner ?
Protect your inbox and simplify your work to send emails.
MX Record Modification ?
User can modify user their DNS record themselves.
Hosting Account Features
Max MySQL Users Connections45454545
No. of Accounts Hosted300300300300
Server Specification
Dual Intel Xeon CPU E5 ?
Powerful proccessors designed to deliver versatility across diverse workloads in the data center or cloud.
256GB RAM or more
NVMe Enterprise Storage ?
Newest and highest performance and lower power consumption storage.
High Quality Servers ?
Most branded and high quality servers.
Site Management
cPanel Control Panel ?
Web hosting control panel designed to manage and simplify the administration of your websites.
Shell/ SSH Acces ?
Command line interface that allows you to perform task by running text based commands.
Password Protected Directories ?
A webpage that prompts for correct username and password before you are able to view the entire content of webpage.
Web base File Manager ?
Provides easy server file management for your website.
Error pages ?
Enables you to create your own customized error page for your websites.
AWStats ?
A log analyzer of the visits to your website
Raw Access Log ?
You can control and manage your raw log files.
URL Redirection ?
Technique on the World Wide Web for making a webpage available under many URLs
Hotlink Redirection ?
Preventing third-party websites from directly linking to your content.
Index Manager ?
Enables you to specify how directories on your website are displayed.
IP Deny Manager ?
You can block access to your site for one or more IP addresses or fully qualified domain names.
Daily Backup ?
Protect your website data with automatic backup by Acronis. Daily backups are stored for 7 days, and weekly backups are stored for 7 weeks.
Preinstalled Scripts ?
Softaculous (283+ Scripts) integrated with cPanel allows user too quickly install dozens of scripts automatically for easy program set-up.
Server Side Scripts
PHP 5/6/7 ?
Scripting languages that are suite for web development and can be embedded into HTML.
Enables you to add numerous interactive elements to your website.
Perl ?
Perl is a cross platform general purpose programming language.
phpMyAdmin ?
Perfect tool for browsing the database, and managing user privileges and executing SQL queries.
Javascript ?
To create interactive effects within web browsers.
Python ?
Great language for creating web applications.
GD Graphic Library ?
An open source code library for the dynamic creation of images.
Apache handler ?
An internal Apache representation of the action to be performed when a file is called.
Multimedia Support
Windows Media Compatible
Macromedia Flash & Shockwave ?
You can add animation and dynamic interaction to your website.
Audio & Video Support ?
To support your real audio ans video files.
HTTP Video & Audio Streaming ?
Play audio and video file online.
Pre-Installed Scripts
WordPress ?
WordPress is the world's well-known blog/CMS solution. The popularity of WordPress has stemmed from its ease of use and the ability to adapt to the extensive plugin system.
Joomla ?
a CMS used for the power of millions of website around the world. Easily build your website with an elegant interface and customize it with thousands of templates and features.
Drupal ?
Drupal is a free, open-source web content management platform for content, community and commerce.
Magento ?
Magento is an eCommerce platform that will give you the maximum flexibility that allow you to personalize your website and customer experience
phpBB ?
One of the most widely used forum scripts currently on the web and allows flexibility in terms of design and organization.
PHP-Nuke ?
Have a large selection of modules and blocks by their flexible content management system.
Mambo ?
High-level portal and CMS, offering inline WYSIWYG - content editors, new feeds, syndicated news, banners, mailing users, link manager, statisics and content archiving to name a few.
OpenCart ?
OpenCart is a effective eCommerce software and shopping cart platform. OpenCart contains several tools to help you build, scale and eventually ran your online business.
Cube Cart ?
Simplified shopping cart that have ultimate categories, downloadable products, payment gateaways and many more.
Zen Cart ?
Open source shopping cart system, with the use of most basic computer skills to install and set up.
OS Commerce ?
Shopping cart full of features and support for multiple payment gateaways.
PhpWiki ?
You can edit content through the HTML form.
phpAdsNew ?
Open-source ads server.
Typo3 ?
A free CMS with PHP and running under UNIX and Windows.
Xoops ?
Course management system created to aid educators developing online courses.
Moodle ?
An object-oriented CMS.
Many more (over50+)
Customer Support
Online Live Chat Support ?
An alternative way to reach the Support Team where you can chat directly with our technical team to resolve any issues
24/7 Ticketed Help Desk ?
We offer 24/7 Dedicated technical support at our ticketing desk by our highly qualified technicians.
24/7 Server Monitoring ?
All Servers are monitored closely at all time.
24/7 Network Monitoring ?
All Networks are monitored closely at all time.
Online invoices ?
Allow you to view, save, and print your invoices conveniently and easily.
Auto Reminders ?
A reminder tool about renew your hosting account before the due date.
Payment Methods ?
The most common payment methods which include Maybank2U, MOLPay, PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.
Add-Ons/ Upgrades
Activation Fee ?
Your hosting account setup fee.
Paid SSL Certification Installation ?
The additional price you only need to pay if you would like to install SSL Certificate to your website.
RM 95 setup + SSL costRM 95 setup + SSL costRM 95 setup + SSL costRM 95 setup + SSL cost
FREE SSL Certificate installation ?
No setup fee is charged for installation od FREE SSL in your hosting plan.
FREE setup feeFREE setup feeFREE setup feeFREE setup fee
Technical Charges
Hosting MigrationRM100/taskRM100/taskRM100/taskRM100/task
Technical task (Business hours)RM100/taskRM100/taskRM100/taskRM100/task
Technical task (Non-Business hours)RM200/taskRM200/taskRM200/taskRM200/task
99.9% Network Uptime ?
A guarantee that our network will be up at least 99.9% of the time.
99.9% Server Uptime ?
A guarantee that our servers will be up at least 99.5% of the time.
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